It is our mission to provide our clients with the broadest coverage available in the marketplace at the most competitive prices and to ensure that their program terms and conditions are crafted to meet their specific risks.

Insurance Program Reviews

Unlike those of most insurance brokers, Mark Edward Partners' client engagement process begins with a thorough assessment of a client's operations and all publicly available information, such as websites or SEC filings. With this approach, we are able to uncover policy structures that contain potentially detrimental omissions in coverage as well as identify how any, even minor, changes to an organization may impact its insurance needs.

In the case of personal insurance, our process involves an in-depth asset review. We then critique all existing policies concurrently so that we can identify areas in which the policies do not work together as intended, leaving potential gaps in coverage. Mark Edward Partners' professionals consistently identify considerable coverage deficiencies when conducting client reviews that, if not remedied, could lead to significant underinsured or uninsured losses. We are also able to recommend alternate coverage solutions or suggest restructuring efforts that frequently produce significant savings for clients.

Account Service

We at Mark Edward Partners believe that the best risk management and insurance programs are created through collaboration between client and advisor. By staying in close communication with all of our clients, we are able to advise them when changes to their organizations mandate changes to their insurance programs. Additionally, we keep them apprised of new developments, products, and trends in the industry.

As cooperation with our clients is a cornerstone of our business model, our executives are readily accessible to our clients, in addition to their service teams, and they frequently become involved in complex client transactions and difficult claims scenarios.

Claims Expertise

Claims resolution assistance is provided to all of our clients. Our executives and professionals have specific expertise with claims made under executive liability, property & casualty, and personal insurance policies. We utilize our knowledge, industry contacts, and close relationship with the markets to help facilitate the claims resolution process.

Financial Services & Executive Liability

• Directors & Officers Liability
• Errors & Omissions Liability
• Fiduciary Liability
• Employment Practices Liability
• Fidelity & Surety Bonds
• Specialty Products (Patent Infringement, Kidnap & Ransom, Product Recall, etc.)
• Cyber Liability

Property & Casualty

• Property
• General Liability
• Automobile Liability
• Workers Compensation
• Construction
• Aviation
• Boiler & Machinery
• Umbrella

Personal Insurance

• Personal Property
• Personal Liability
• Automobile Liability
• Personal Excess Liability
• Personal Directors & Officers Liability
• Flood, Hurricane & Earthquake
• Private Airplane & Yacht
• Valuable Articles, Jewelry, & Art
• Equine
• Family Office

Life Insurance/Estate Planning

• Premium Finance Life
• Wealth Transfer Planning
• Income Tax Favored Accumulation Plans
• Disability Insurance
• Executive Benefits
• Keyman Life
• Buy-Sell Insurance Planning
• Accident, Disability & Death
• Athlete & Entertainer Disability Coverage
• Contingency Coverage
• Contractual Performance Indemnity Insurance
• Loan Indemnity Coverage
• Business Overhead Expense Coverage
• Disgrace Coverage



Otherwise known as the Immigrant Investor Program, EB-5 is a visa category that was created with the intention to stimulate the U.S. economy by promoting job creation and job preservation through foreign capital investments in the U.S. The EB-5 process includes two key stages/application processes – I-526 and I-829 – both of which require formal approval from the United State Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). As this process can sometimes become a lengthy one, an application rejection often results in significant financial loss to the multiple parties involved.

The MEP EB-5 Insurance Program provides two unique policies that have been developed cognizant of the needs of both Project Managers and Immigrant Investors. Furthermore, the program is available to all firms utilizing EB-5 capital in their projects.

I-526 Insurance Policy specifics:

The I-526 Insurance Policy provides coverage for an Insured Investor in the event of a USCIS rejection of an I-526 application. More specifically, the policy allows a project manager to immediately access EB-5 capital without the need to wait the entire 10-12 month timeframe before the USCIS acceptance is granted. As such, should a denial of an investor’s I-526 application occur while the investment is already committed to a project, the policy will react to provide the required immediate repayment of an immigrant investor’s investment capital.

I-829 Insurance Policy specifics:

The I-829 Insurance Policy provides coverage for an Insured Investor in the event of an application denial due to the failure to meet the necessary job requirements as stipulated by the USCIS. In the event of a denial of an investor’s I-829 application for failure to provide proof of minimum job creation, the policy will react to quickly repay an investor’s $500,000 investment.

Key advantages of the MEP EB-5 Insurance program:

• Repayment of an immigrant investor’s $500,000 investment in the event of an I-526 or I-829 denial
• $0 deductible in the event of a claim
• No defense expenses required in the event of a claim
• Ability for project managers to submit a First Party notice once they become aware of a denial by the USCIS
• Fixed premium amount of $10,000 per policy
• A (Excellent) XI rated Insurance Carrier by A.M. Best Company


Philanthropy through Premium Financed Life Insurance

GiftNow is a charitable giving strategy designed by MEP to allow high net worth individuals to make a significant charitable pledge while reducing or eliminating current, “out of pocket” expenditures. MEP developed GiftNow through the integration of two primary financial instruments: an institutionally designed life insurance policy and a loan vehicle accessed through fully collateralized credit facilities. The leveraged approach to funding a large life insurance policy incorporates Premium Finance and may be a powerful way to amplify the contributions of key donors.

The Policy:

We have designed Indexed Universal Life policies focusing on selected high quality carriers. We also centered our strategy on policies that offer rapid cash value build up opportunities. These policies allow their cash values to be tied to various capital market indices, such as the S&P 500. In doing so, the cash value would then be credited based on the performance of the selec ted index. These index accounts have a particular window into which their investment returns, and hence their crediting rate, can fall. They are designed to offer the upside returns of the capital markets while insulating the policy owner against down years. For instance, if the selected index were to lose value in a given year, the account has a crediting floor whereby the cash value would still be credited anywhere from 0%-3% (depending on the carrier). Conversely, in a year when the index might rise 20-30%, these policies will credit the cash value at a capped return. Caps also vary carrier by carrier but generally fall in the 12%-16% range. In essence, the cash value, which serves as the primary collateral to support the loan that funds the premiums, can never be credited less than 0% in years when the index returns are negative, while capturing the upside in years where the index performs positively.

The Loan:

Our policy funding strategy spotlights lending partners who allow 100% of the policy’s cash surrender value to offset the outstanding premium loan balance. We design the cash value in these products to be as close as possible to 100% of the cumulative premiums paid from the outset. In some instances, the policy’s cash value can be guaranteed to equal cumulative premiums paid for the first 3 policy years irrespective of the selected index’s performance. In any event, a shortfall betwe en the cash value and the loan balance will develop in the early years from the unpaid loan interest, which gets accrued into the loan. This shortfall will require outside collateral be posted, however, over time, the expected return on the policy will cause the collateral required for a cashless purchase to reduce to zero and the net equity (cash value less outstanding loan balances) will begin to inure to the policyholder’s benefit in addition to the life insurance benefit net of the outstanding loan.

By combining the usage of these two financial instruments, we are able to take advantage of the gain of a long-term investment returns relative to the short term costs of borrowing. Since the Great Depression, the long term “spread” between these two financial instruments has ranged (on average) between 3.5-4.5%. We are mindful of the year-to-year experience and allow for the possibility that in some years borrowing costs will exceed this spread, but to be successful we do not require gains in every year. Rather, we need (in order to maintain a cashless experience) to earn 2% greater in the policy than the costs of borrowing on average, over time. Generally this will be significantly greater and if the spread achieved is sizable enough, our clients ma y also be able to extract tax-free income from the plan during their lifetime.

MEP Philanthropy has invested substantial resources to research, develop, and refine GiftNow. The financial instruments, which comprise the core elements of the plan, are longstanding in nature and provide us with a significant historical track record in which we base our approach. While there is no guarantee that history will repeat itself, it does help to paint a clear and vivid picture in support of the continued success of such a strategy.


Now more than ever companies are maintaining and storing valuable information for customers and employees, and the risk associated with a data breach is increasing.

Mark Edward Partners is proud to offer Cyber Liability insurance designed for small businesses, providing the maximum levels of coverage for the two most identifiable exposures related to a data breach, first and third party losses.

First party losses:

The program provides coverage for the direct costs associated with first party loss in the event of a data breach, including coverage for in-depth forensics to evaluate the breach, notification costs to affected customers, hiring PR and law firms to mitigate injury, and providing credit monitoring for affected customers.

Third party losses:

Coverage is also provided for the costs associated with third party litigation, including defense expenses and coverage for settlement/judgment awards. Lastly, additional supplemental coverages are available for the costs associated with a Network Extortion event, Regulatory actions, and loss of business income associated with a data breach.



MEP Affinity is a leader in providing risk management and insurance brokerage services to affinity groups including trade groups, associations, professional groups and organizations, charities and non-profits.

Collectively, our team has over 100 years of collective experience working with affinity groups that allows us to provide the insights, shared experiences, best practices, product expertise and market relationships that will help your members to understand and mitigate the myriad of risk management issues that are exposure to both professionally and personally.

Our goal is to create a seamless value added service for your members that enhances their experience with your group that will not only allow for continued retention of your members but provide you with a tool to help with recruitment of new members.

MEP Affinity Differentiators:

Customized insurance solutions to address specific risk management needs of your members.

Dedicated service team that not only provides a service platform for responsive delivery of products and services to enhance your members experience but understands the issues affecting your members.

Tailor made communication strategies designed to communicate the insurance and risk management service offering to your members.

Use of technology to speed and streamline quotation, policy delivery and policy administration services.

Focus on education using tools such as webinars, resource libraries, email campaigns to continually reach out to members to keep them informed on risk management issues and solutions.

Extensive carrier relationships that allow us to help pick the right insurance company partners to help manage the needs of your members.

We foster a collective working and partnership environment between the Affinity Group, Insurance Company and MEP Affinity to provide one unified client service platform to enhance member experiences.

Fulfill the role of outsourced risk manager for the members.

Handle member claims internally with our claims management resources.


For all inquiries on MEP Affinity please contact Andrew Guerin at 212 813 8005,

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